Triumph Board, foldable and sliding whiteboard

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A solution for whiteboards

The model “Triumph Board”, a foldable and sliding whiteboard, includes an interactive board and a beamer of your choice.

Moreover, the wings are attached to the board. They can have different rulings.

The height adjustment is realized by Wittler’s pylons.

An interactive board is an electronic unity which serves as a work surface for the connected computer.  A traditional beamer is used which projects the image of the computer to the screen of the board. Due to different techniques, the board enables us to work on the computer as for example per touch or per interactive pens.

The board itself is responsible for the interactivity.


We offer different boards made by different producers such as Triumph, Smart, Hitachi und Einstruction.

The following board sizes are available: 79, 89 and 95 inches.

If you are interested in any product or you need advice, feel free to ask.






 79 inches

4 : 3


 89 inches

16 : 10


 95 inches

16 : 9

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Datenblatt Triumph 89SicherheitsbegehungDatenblatt, Interaktive SchultafelDatenblatt, KSP-INT-Triumph
Tafelfarbe blauTafelfarbe grünTafelfarbe schwarzTafelfarbe weiß
Kreuzraster 5x5 cm Grün Kreuzraster 10x10 cm GrünLinien 3:4:3:2 cm (2. Schuljahr) Grün  Linien 3:5:8 cm (3. Schuljahr) Grün  Linien 4:5:4:2 cm (1. Schuljahr) GrünLinien 10 cm (4. Schuljahr) GrünNotenlinien Grün Karonetz 5x5 cm GrünKaronetz 10x10 cm GrünKreuzraster 5x5 cm WeißLinien 10 cm (4. Schuljahr) WeißKaronetz 5x5 cm Weiß