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Board combination

Doppelklapptafel mit 6 Schreibflächen

Tafelflügel: Stahlemaille grün oder weiß 
eine interaktive Fläche in der Mitte (79, 89 und 95 Zoll)
stufenlose Höhenverschiebung.

Diese Anlagen benötigen viel Platz, haben dafür aber eine enorm große Präsentationsfläche.


Triumph Board, foldable and sliding whiteboard

Interactive boards can be combined in different variations.

Either continuously movable, consisting of board wings or a special data projector -

We are able to deliver each board with your preferred configurations.


Displays -

Cover display

The board of the future!

The Touch-Display offers a good alternative to the interactive board.

The display can be combined with traditional elements.

Interactive beamer

An interactive data projector – a perfect start to work interactively.

This board can be combined with traditional elements.

We work in compliance with your wishes.