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Wittler Interaktive Whiteboards für Schulen, Hochschulen und Firmen
Interactive whiteboards

Which product suits you best?

With the aid of this configurator you obtain an interactive whiteboard which is adapted to your requirement:


Wittler Interaktive Schultafeln als Kombination von interaktivem Whiteboard mit klassischer Tafel
Interactive whiteboards

Intelligently combined

Our combination of an interactive board and a blackboard unify all advantages. Here, you will find several examples:

Wittler Interaktive Schulungen
Training in boards and software

Learning by doing:

Our schoolings for the use of interactive whiteboards cover every application. Next schooling? Any time! We act in accordance with your requirements.

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Hörsaal-Ausstattung Tafeln Wittler

Hörsaalanlagen vom Spezialisten

Individuell geplant, auf Ihren Bedarf konzipiert,
technisch up-to-date

Hörsaal-Ausstattung Tafeln Wittler
Hörsaal-Ausstattung Tafeln Wittler

Hörsaalanlagen vom Spezialisten

Individuell geplant, auf Ihren Bedarf konzipiert,
technisch up-to-date

The blackboard forms the focus,

Therefore, Wittler offers a wide spectrum of boards for seminar rooms and school rooms.

Individually planned,

Individually produced

Due to the individual production, we are able to offer you any size and surface – whether you need a board width of 3 meters or a width of 15 meters!


We pay attention to details

We advise you comprehensively

-regulation of the board

- choice of the motor

- check of the assembling possibilities

- static analysis

Palettes for universities:

3 Flächen
Hörsaaltafel Elektischer Antrieb
2 Flächen

Make a request:

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Wittler Ausstattungsberatung und Planung

Planning is better than estimating

Consultancy from the planning to the accomplishment

For example, to choose the components that depend on the rooms.

I would like to be advised with regard to:

Wittler Schulungen nach Bedarf

Next schooling is possible at any time!

Single schooling, group schooling or schooling for a large team - we act in accordance with your requests.

Either at Wittler in Berlin or at your place:

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Wittler Lieferung, Montage, Garantie und Wartung
Assembling and maintenance

Done by an expert

Wittler’s board assembling, electronic regulation and installations are only conducted by highly qualified expert.


Wittler offers different options  to maintain your blackboards and whiteboards ranging from

a fast reparation to a maintenance contract.


Security check of the different blackboards and whiteboards is regulated by the law. Having a working experience of 40 years, we are able to conduct the requested check-ups and directly correct shortcomings. beheben.

You obtain a printout and an inspection plate for the board.

Test This PDF-document includes the important information:   

Wittler Whiteboards
Whiteboards / blackboards

Each size for each room

Whether you need blackboard or a whiteboard for a doctor’s office,

a schooling room, or an office – Wittler offers the right equipment for you.

Whiteboard mit Klappen
Whiteboard Einflächen Schiebetafel
Wittler Pinnwände und Stellwände
Pin boards and movable walls

Each information at its place

Pin boards are ideal for a quick and informal exchange of information. Movable walls can be practicable partition:

Wittler Pinnwand Flannelstoff Rot
Wittler Pinnwand Naturkork
Wittler Standvitrinen und Hängevitrinen

Nice to look at

First-class materials and an elegant design for goblets and more. Some variations:

Ausstellungsvitrine freistehend
Informationsvitrine Stahlrahmen Stahlemaille weiß
Interactive whiteboards
Interactive whiteboards
Training in boards and software
Whiteboards / blackboards
Pin boards and movable walls
Assembling and maintenance
Wittler makes it possible
by offering for example interactive whiteboards which are blackboards at the same time