Information displays wall mounted

Informationsvitrine Aluminiumrahmen Korklinoleum
Information display with an aluminium frame / cork linoleum

Production series: Information displays with an aluminium frame / cork linoleum

The information display with an aluminium frame and a back panel out of cork linoleum


  • Steel frame / Aluminum frame silver anodized
  • 2 sliding doors made of tempered safety glass 
  • Tempered safety glass,  cylinder lock
  • Back panel out of  cork linoleum
  • 65  mm deep

The information display is highly suitable for the transmission of information.  It can be easily attached to the board with pins, so that new events can be put up every day.

We offer numerous variants in different sizes.  The following products illustrate our wide range of goods.





100 x 100 cm


120 x 100 cm


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